A Pictorial Guide to avoiding Camera Loss

Have you lost your camera recently? Mislaid it somewhere in a national park? Left it in a taxi? Dropped it in the gorilla pit? Anyone can be a victim of the thoughtlessness and/or sleepiness that can lead to Camera Loss.

‘How can I prevent Camera Loss?’ I hear you ask, wishing I’d get to the point. Well, you can’t prevent cameras from getting lost, but you can do something so your camera can be found very soon after it has vanished.

All you have to do is take some photos – which you never delete from your camera – so when someone finds your camera at the bottom of the gorilla pit they are able to locate you and return the lost property to its rightful owner.

To illustrate just how you can safeguard your camera from the crippling effects of Camera Loss, here are the pics that I always keep on my camera.



























  1. Ingenious!!! But only if it works….

  2. Very amusing and, actually, not a bad idea.

    P.S. Haunted by bath photo.

  3. Ooh, I want to find your camera! Hurry up and lose it.

  4. Does Number One know what you’ve been up to with her shower cap?

    Also, great post. You could totally be a mime with those facial expressions.

  5. discussion at booked out re this post has found that this would be more effective if you have the sequence available in a minimum of 7 languages as you are most likely to lose your camera overseas.

  6. p.s. with an index card at the start – for mandarin, see photos 281-306 etc etc

  7. That. Was. Brilliant.

    @Esther- that would be a lot of pics…you’d only have about 7 slots in which to take ACTUAL photos 😀

    now to test your theory…

  9. Funniest one yet.

  10. Oh my eyes… my poor, burning eyes #bathphoto 😀

    This is awesome. I almost snorted coffee through my nose.

  11. Sean O'Beirne

    You make Bob Dylan seem just not enough fun.

  12. You should do all your blogs through your camera. It’s like a lolcats story board.

  13. Who do you think you are? Bob MCDonald? Andrew Dylan?

    It’s all a bit obscura…

  14. very funny, Mr Mac. The bath pic references Jimmy Rabbitte too. Nice references all round.

  15. you have a lovely smile.

  16. Reminds me of a camera recently handed in to lost property at work. Conveniently had a photo with the owner’s name near the start enabling me to easily track down the owner. No hugs though.

    Also, I’m intrigued by your mixed use of serifs on the letter I.

  17. Haha, very well done! Totally loving the bath tub photo.. Little ducky was a perfect prop.

  18. Love it! I am giggling at my desk (and getting strange looks from my coworkers).

    Anon, the serifs are only on the letter I if it’s a capital (start of sentence or the word ‘I’). They’re like SUPER CAPITAL LETTERS!

  19. HAHAHAHA that’s really funny and clever 😛

  20. Hey thanks everyone for your kind comments.

    I do now feel sorry for the person who ACTUALLY loses their camera, googles the problem in panicked grief and winds up here. To that person: sorry!

  21. Are you a show-man? I mean in the finest sense of the word.
    Very-well done!
    I have a strong feeling that I saw your camera somewhere here, in Russia..

  22. I’m not sure it would work.

    I tried something similar, I had a card with my name and address inside the camera bag.

    I lost my camera a month ago, and the ######## who found it, with the card inside the bag, never contacted me…


  23. You might want to make the email address a little clearer- most people can probably guess the full domain etc even with lack of clarity, but doesn’t hurt to be careful!

    Other than that, fantastic 🙂

  24. Fantastic IDEA!! I might have to do the exact same thing 🙂

  25. Great idea! But if you never format your memory card you will soon have trouble whit it.You can have data errors and corruptions. But, GREAT idea…

  26. That’s very creative dude, I LOVED it 🙂

  27. Super idea! Even your shower picture. Your like the ideal “son in law” Handsom and smart!!

  28. Hahhhaha that was hilarious 😀 More!

  29. I lost my camera eight years ago. My wife and I had just returned from a Vegas vacation and I had over 100 photos on my memory cards. The camera was at the bottom of our backpack but due to a water spill was moved to the top. We’re pretty sure that someone took it out of the backpack during a flight change while I was in the bathroom and my wife was distracted (on her cell phone talking to her parents). Police were no help. They were only willing to fill out a report for insurance purposes. Insurance did pay for a new camera, so I wasn’t really upset about that. It’s the lost photos that I still miss.

    Now we keep our memory cards separate from the camera when we travel. So if the camera is stolen, they don’t get our photos. It might be handy to put these photos on a special “traveling” memory card. This way, they will stick with the camera if it gets lost/stolen, but any used/filled memory cards will be safe in a secure location.

  30. captainobvious

    why not stick a small ‘if found, contact: fubar@foo.com‘ dymo label under the camera or am i missing something?

  31. Brilliant!
    Actually my Olympus allows you to change the start-up screen to a photo, so I wrote my details up in marker on a sheet and photo’d that for the start up screen … but I have a single shot at the start of each of my digital memory cards for the same reason (plus a “readme.txt” in case the memory card is read in a computer which is the same as on my USB memory sticks basically saying
    “please send me the contents of this memory card/stick, and feel free to keep the card as a reward, or send me the card and I’ll send you something back as a thankyou!”) … need to update it to say “if you find this in a camera, PDA or computer, I’d like that back, please!”

  32. Don’t the images get erased every time you format the CF card?

  33. I will do this, using my 2 and a half year old as the whiteboard holder .. play on that soft spot in the heart of the person “finding” my camera 🙂

  34. Alright, that was amazing!
    The blank one in the middle got me ROFL…

  35. Amazing and Creative Idea! 🙂
    Very Funny too! 😀

  36. Hey! I know that rubber duckie! That’s one well-traveled duck, you know.

    here, take a look:


    Anyway, what a great idea–thanks for the laughs and the good idea.

    All the best!

  37. If you lost your camera how’d ya take all those pictures? hmm?

  38. What is your pc were stolen too? USB? 🙂

  39. OMG!, you’re not just brilliant. You’re adorable too! 😉

  40. This is delightful beyond words!

  41. I would absolutely return your camera to you if I found it. PROMISE.

  42. Looks like you’re in danger of all the hot chicks stealing your camera just so they can return it and claim hugs, man 😉

    You’re on to something, you dog! 😀



  44. This is absolutely brilliant. Thank you for making my day 🙂 Greets from Berlin/Germany

  45. Great stuff! Very funny.

  46. John Woods

    Wow dude that is quite impressive. I like it.


  47. sohojinks

    I laughed out loud! funny stuff. I’d return the camera.

  48. Grammar Nazi

    Everybody on the planet stop saying/writing “anyways.” It’s “anyway.”

    You wouldn’t say “at any rates,” or “anyhows” or “in any cases” or “in any events” would you?

    In case you would say any of those, stop doing that as well!

    As you were.


  49. What if the camera is lost in a non english speaking country?Like France, Kazakhstan…
    For info some camera have a little memory inside.

  50. Love it!

    Great piece of work – thanks for sharing!

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